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Restaurant YO! - York

York City Centre, 15-17 Church Street YO18BE


Home delivery of Sushi, Chicken, Curry in York City Centre

🎄Festive Specials 🎄

Japanese Fried Chicken (JFC)

Say hello to time-honoured Japanese tradition at YO! this Christmas. Our JFC Festive Feast box features crispy Japanese Fried Chicken, YO! Fries, Miso-Butter Sweetcorn and Coleslaw. Available for a limited time only.

Vegan Japanese Fried Chicken (JFC)

Calling all vegans, you too can celebrate Japanese Christmas tradition. For a limited time only, enjoy our Vegan JFC Festive Feast box which includes Vegan Nuggets, hot and sticky Korean dipping sauce, YO! Fries, Miso-Butter Sweetcorn and vegan Coleslaw.

Katsu Curry

Chicken Katsu Curry

Served with pickles, spring onions & steamed rice.

NEW Tofu Katsu Curry

Pumpkin Katsu Curry (Ve)

Served with pickles, spring onions & steamed rice.
+ 1

Meal Deals

YO! Meal Deal

Katsu curry or selected sushi with a drink for only £7.95

NEW YO! Bundles

YO! Loves for 2

2 katsu curries (choice of pumpkin or chicken) 1 YO! fries 1 x 5 piece gyoza (choice of chicken or vegetable)

Feast for 4

4 x katsu curries (choice of pumpkin or chicken) 2 x YO! fries 1 x 5 piece gyoza (choice of chicken or vegetable) 1 x pumpkin katsu

Bubble Bundle for 6

6 x katsu curries (choice of pumpkin or chicken) 2 x YO! fries 2 x 5 piece gyoza (choice of chicken or vegetable) 2 x pumpkin katsu

Sushi Sets

Plant Power (Ve)

4 Avocado Maki, 3 Yasai Roll, 2 Inari Taco.

Simply Salmon

5 Salmon Nigiri, 5 Salmon Maki.

Maki Mix

8 Salmon Maki, 8 Avocado Maki.
+ 4

Sushi Rolls

Yasai Roll (Ve)

6 inari, avocado, cucumber, cos lettuce and carrot rolls, topped with teriyaki & vegan mayo.

YO! Roll

6 of our signature rolls! Fresh salmon, avocado & mayo, rolled in orange masago.

Crunchy Cali Roll

6 surimi and avocado sesame rolls, topped with mayo, teriyaki & crunchy onion.
+ 5

NEW Ramen

Spicy Seafood Ramen

Prawns, salmon, squid and vegetables in a hot & spicy kimchi broth served with fresh noodles

Chicken Curry Ramen

Japanese fried chicken & noodles in a delicious curry broth. Topped with pak choi & pickled onions.

Shiitake Mushroom Ramen

Fresh noodles in a vegetable broth with sautéed shiitake mushrooms, tofu & pak choi. Topped with pickled onions.

Small Plates

NEW Beef Teriyaki & Rice

YO! Fries

Japanese style fries coated in sriracha mayo & sprinkled with sesame, aonori & smoky bonito flakes.

Spinach & Edamame Gyoza (5, Ve)

5 spinach dumplings filled with veggies, dished up with a soy dipping sauce
+ 8

Salads & Sides

Miso Soup (Ve)

Miso is a light soup with wakame, spring onion and tofu. Healthy & delicious it, it goes with every meal.

Edamame (Ve)

Succulent edamame in their pods. Sprinkled with sea salt flakes & spring onion

Kaiso Seaweed (Ve)

Marinated mixed seaweed, edamame & carrot in a delicious su-miso dressing.
+ 3


Custard Dorayaki (V)

Japanese pancakes sandwiched with a delicious custard.

Chocolate Brownie (V)

Indulgent chocolate brownie topped wit a salted caramel sauce.

Strawberry Cheesecake Mochi (V)

Bites of creamy strawberry cheesecake, in a thin sweet rice casing
+ 1


Chilli Crackers

Chilli Peanuts

Wasabi Peas

Extra Sauces



Pickled Ginger

Soft Drinks

Coke (330ml)

Diet Coke (330ml)

Coke Zero (330ml)

+ 5

Stronger Drinks

Asahi (350ml) 5.2% abv

Super crisp. Super dry.

Sapporo (650ml) 5% abv

Gordons G&T (250ml) 5% abv

+ 3


Vegan Furikake Fries

Plant Power (Ve)

Simply Salmon

+ 23

Not in use

x3 Spinach and Edamame Gyoza

x3 Chicken Gyoza

x3 Prawn Gyoza

+ 8

New Bundle Mods

x2 Large Chicken Katsu Curries

YO! Fries

Sushi Sharer Sushi Set

+ 17


Large Chicken Katsu Curry (+£3.00)

Large Pumpkin Katsu Curry (+£3.00)

Large Prawn Katsu Curry (+£3.00)

Christmas Freebie Mod

Free Japanese Cheesecake (V)

Free Dorayaki (V)

Home delivery in United Kingdom

YO! - York deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.