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Restaurant Shanghai Papa - Winchester

Winchester, 8 St George's St SO238BG


Home delivery of Noodles, Curry in Winchester



Rice Noodle 米粉

Fried Rice 炒飯

+ 32



Diet Coke

Aloe Vera Juice (500ml)

+ 1

Dim Sum

Steamed Prawn Dumplings (4) 特別蝦餃

The most popular dim sum dish. Juicy prawn filling wrapped in a translucent skin and steamed

Prawn & Chive Dumplings (4) 鮮蝦韮菜餃

Pork Dumplings in Cantonese Style (4) 港式燒賣

Open-faced dumplings with a juicy and flavourful pork and prawn filling
+ 10

Noodle with Soup

Roast Duck Noodle with Soup 燒鴨湯麵

May contains bone, skin or fat. Limited promotion every day. Recommended.

Braised Tenderloin Soup 牛腩湯

May contains bone, skin or fat. Recommended.

Vegetable with Shredded Pork with Soup 雪菜肉絲湯

+ 2

Rice Topped Dishes

Roast Duck with Boiled Rice 燒鴨飯

May contains bone, skin or fat. Limited promotion every day. Recommended

Roast Duck & Roast Pork with Boiled Rice 燒鴨燒肉飯

May contains bone, skin or fat. Limited promotion every day. Recommended.

Braised Tenderloin with Boiled Rice 牛腩飯

+ 9

Main Dishes

Szechuan Poached Sliced Fish in Hot Chilli Oil (Extra Hot) 水煮魚

A hot, flavoursome and addictive Sichuan dish. Tender white fish simmered in an aromatic broth seasoned with Sichuan chilli bean paste and a generous amount of spices.

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage & Chilli (Hot) 酸菜魚

Thinly sliced fish poached in a rich piquant broth made of stock and pickled mustard leaves. Goes perfectly with steamed rice, especially on a chilly day.

Pork's Blood, Beef & Tripe in Spicy Soup (Extra Hot) 毛血旺

+ 25

New Recommend Dishes

Steamed Whole Seabass 清蒸鱸魚

May contains bone, skin or fat. Limited promotion every day. Recommended.

Hot Spicy Crayfish (On Shell) (Extra Hot) 麻辣小龍蝦

Limited promotion every day. Recommended.

Hot Spicy Pig Trotters (Extra Hot) 香辣豬手

May contains bone, skin or fat. Recommended.
+ 3

Special Dishes Menu Appetisers

Mouth Watering Chicken (P) (Extra Hot) 口水雞

An classic Sichuan side dish. Tender poached chicken smothered in a fiery red oil sauce made with chicken stock, soy sauce, Chinkiang vinegar, chilli oil, sugar and Sichuan pepper.

Sliced Beef & Ox Tongue in Chilli (Very Hot) Sauce 夫妻肺片

Thinly sliced beef and offal dressed with a fiery and numbing red chilli oil and Sichuan pepper.

Sheet Jelly in Northeast Style (V) (Extra Hot) 東北大拉皮

+ 1

Sauces & Others

Sweet & Sour Sauce 古老汁

Curry Sauce 咖喱汁

Sweet Chilli Sauce 甜辣汁

+ 5


Seafood Udon Noodle (Dry) 海鮮炒烏冬

Squid, scallop & king prawn.

King Prawn Chow Mein 大蝦炒麵

Stir Fried Beef Hofan Noodle 乾炒牛河

Flat rice noodles wok-fried with tender beef and dark soy sauce
+ 13


King Prawn Fried Rice 大蝦炒飯

Steamed rice wok-tossed with succulent king prawns, soy sauce, eggs and mixed veggies

Special Fried Rice 招牌炒飯

Steamed rice wok-tossed with seafood, mixed meats, soy sauce, eggs and mixed veggies

Singapore Fried Rice (Very Hot) 新加坡炒飯

Spicy fried rice with eggs, pork, prawn and mixed veggies
+ 7

Bean Curd & Vegetarian

Braised Tofu in Oyster Sauce (V) 紅燒豆腐

Tofu with Mix Vegetable (V) 雜菜豆腐

Mix Vegetable in Sauce (V) 雜菜

Choice of garlic or oyster sauce.
+ 2

Thai Dishes

Mix Jungle Curry (Extra Hot) jungle咖喱

King prawn, chicken, beef & mix vegetable. Recommended.

Thai King Prawn Curry (Extra Hot) 泰式大蝦咖喱

Shanghai Papa Fish Curry (Very Hot) 招牌魚咖喱

+ 9

Shanghai Papa Curry Dishes

Special Curry 招牌咖喱

King Prawn Curry 大蝦咖喱

Chicken Curry 雞咖喱

+ 1

Pork & Lamb

Mongolian Style Crispy Lamb 炸羊

Served with pancake. Recommended.

Crispy Lamb in Plum Sauce 梅子羊

Lamb with Ginger & Spring Onion 薑蔥羊

+ 4


Fillet Beef in Black Pepper Sauce 黑椒牛柳


Fillet Beef in Cantonese Style 中式牛柳

Crispy Shredded Beef in Chilli 幹牛絲

Crispy and aromatic strips of beef
+ 3


Smoke Shredded Chicken 煙燻雞絲

Shaoxing Wine Chicken 英式紹興雞

In a rich sauce with Chinese shaoxing wine.

Mango Chicken 芒果雞

Cooked with fresh mango slices.
+ 9


Roast Duck with Brown Sauce 燒鴨

Cantonese style. May contains bone, skin or fat. Limited promotion every day.

Duck with Bamboo Shoot & Chinese Mushroom 雙冬鴨

Duck in Plum Sauce 梅子鴨

+ 1

Main Course Seafood

XO Seafood (Hot) (P) XO海鮮

Scallop & king prawn with a speciality seafood chilli sauce. Recommended.

Quick Fried Scallops with Broccoli 帶子西蘭花

Wasabi King Prawn (Hot) 芥末大蝦

With a wasabi mayonnaise sauce. Recommended.
+ 10


Seafood & Bean Curd Broth 豆腐海鮮羹

Wonton Soup 雲吞湯

Boiled dumplings in a savoury broth

Don Yum Gong 泰式東阴功

+ 3


Seafood Hors D'Oeuvers (For 2 People) 海鮮拼盤

Tempura king prawn, chiu yum squid, sesame prawn toast, crab claws & seaweed. Recommended.

Hors D'Oeuvers (For 2 People) (P) 招牌拼盤

Chicken satay skewers, ribs with fruity sauce, spring roll, prawn toast & seaweed. Recommended

Aromatic Crispy Duck 香酥鴨

Served with pancake, duck sauce, cucumber & spring onion.
+ 13

Set Meals

Set Meal A

Sesame prawn on toast, spare rib in fruity sauce, spring roll, crispy shredded beef in chilli, mango chicken, mix vegetable in garlic sauce, fried rice or fried noodle.

Set Meal B

Aromatic crispy duck, crispy shredded beef in chilli sauce, king prawn with green pepper & black bean sauce, chicken in satay sauce, stir fried Chinese mushroom with mixed vegetable, fried rice or fried noodles.

Seafood Meal

Seafood hors d'oeuvres, xo king prawn, fish with ginger & spring onion, scallops with broccoli, special fried rice or noodles.
+ 1

Home delivery in United Kingdom

Shanghai Papa - Winchester deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.