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Restaurant Piecaramba!

Winchester, 11a Parchment Street SO238AT


Home delivery of Pie in Winchester


Pepsi Max

San Pellegrino Orange

San Pellegrino Orange and Pomegranate

+ 4

Kid's Club

Bean Me Up! (GF)

Sausage and baked beans.

Chicken Little! (GF)

Chicken in gravy.

Turtle Power! (GF)

Cheese and tomato pizza pie.


Vegan Pie & Mighty Meal! (Crispy Shallots & Vegan Cheese)

Pie & Mighty Meal! (Crispy Shallots & West Country Cheddar)

Onion Gravy (VE)(GF)

+ 7

Veggie and Vegan Pie Meal!

Sweetie Pie! (VE)(GF)

Sweet potato, roasted garlic and goat's cheese.

Shroom Raider! (VE)(GF)

Packed with wild mushrooms and asparagus in a white wine sauce with cracked black pepper.

The Notdog! (VE)(VG)

Vegan sausages and caramelised onion in vegan gravy.
+ 4

Chicken Pie Meal!

Bounty Hunters Chicken Pie! (GF)

Free range British chicken with crispy bacon, melted cheese and barbecue sauce.

Chick... Chick... Chick... 'Shroom! (GF)

Free range British chicken with portobello and chestnut mushrooms.

Hen Party! (GF)

Free range British chicken and ham with leek and thyme.
+ 1

Beef Pie Meal!

The Pieoneer! (GF)

The classic! A traditional mince beef and onion pie in red wine gravy.

Holy Cow! (GF)

Organically reared British beef steak, slow cooked in a rich gravy made with lashings of real ale.

Piecaramba! (GF)

Our very special chilli beef burrito pie! British beef mince with kidney beans, tomatoes, onions, chillies and finished off with melted double gloucester.
+ 3

Lamb and Pork Pie Meal!

Notorious P.I.G (GF)

Slowly roasted pulled pork in a sticky BBQ sauce with sautéed cajun potato.

Biden My Thyme! (GF)

Sausage and thyme ragu cooked with pasta, tomatoes and a hint of chilli.

Home delivery in United Kingdom

Piecaramba! deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.