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Restaurant Palm Pan Asia

Winchester, 166-167 High St SO239BA


Home delivery of Curry, Noodles in Winchester


Thai Prawn Crackers

Palm Panasia Platter

The signature appetizer perfect for sharing. A delicious array of spring rolls, satay, fish cake and calamari for 2 to share

Satay Trio (Mixed/Chicken/Prawn/Beef)

Spoilt for choice with an assorted selection of prawn, chicken and beef satay skewers served with our mouth watering peanut sauce
+ 15


Tom Yum

Traditional and fiery soup with thai herbs, lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves and chilli

Tom Kha

Almost identical to Tom Yum but with a creamier coconut milk


Roasted Crispy Duck Salad (Medium)

Roasted crispy duck strips tossed with cucumber, shallots, spring onions, celery and pomegranate in a roasted chilli and lime dressing

Soft Shell Crab (Fairly Hot)

With fresh green mango salad and crispy thai soft shell crab

Thai Beef Salad (Fairly Hot)

Flame grilled Sirloin resting on a bed of mixed salad and exotic fruits, drizzled with famous lime, chilli and coriander sauce
+ 1

The Grill at Palm Pan Asia

Weeping Beef (Medium)

Tender grilled sirloin beef fillet on a sizzling plate and accompanied with a spicy tangy dipping sauce

Balinese Char Grilled Chicken (n) (Medium)

Marinated with coconut milk, lime leaf and Balinese curry paste. Grilled to prefection

Palm Mixed Grill (Medium)

Sirloin steak, chicken breast, King prawns and lamb chop served with chilli and garlic sauce accompanied with grilled vegetables
+ 3

Signature Collection

Indonesian Seafood Stir Fry (Medium)

Mixed seafood in a coconut milk and Indonesian spiced stir fry

Seabass Pad Cha (Medium)

Ground chilli, garlic, the finely slices of grachai with green peppercorn, all swiftly stir-fried in a flaming hot wok

Crispy Seabass with Spiced Mango Salad (Fairly Hot)

Crispy fried Seabass fillet topped with aromatic thai herbs garnished with a spicy mango salad
+ 12


Thai Green Curry (Medium)

Palm Panasia's authentic green curry cooked with coconut milk, lime leaves, aubergines, bamboo shoots and basil

Thai Red Curry (Fairly Hot)

Palm Panasia's signature Red curry with galangal, kaffir lime and cherry tomato

Massaman Chicken Curry (Medium)

Inspired by South Thailand, a traditional fragrant dish with intricate flavours of cumin, cinnamon, chillies an cardamom
+ 1

Stir Fry

Pad Khing

A Savoury combination of freshly shredded ginger, spring onion, chilli and peppers with straw mushroom

Chilli and Basil GraPao (Hot)

Light and healthy stir fry prepared Palm Pan Asia style with garlic chilli and thai holy basil

Pad Nam Mun Hoi

A classic thai supper dish enjoyed by the locals. Stir fried with oyster sauce and vegetables
+ 3

Vegetable Side / Main Dishes

Tofu and Pineapple

Tofu in a sweet and sour sauce with chunks of pineapple

Tofu Massamaan

Tofu with flavours of cumin, cinnamon, chilies and cardamom

Stirfried Aubergine and Basil

With hints of garlic chilli and yellow bean
+ 3

Rice & Noodles

Jasmine Rice

Sticky Rice

Egg Fried Rice

+ 9



King Prawn


+ 14

Home delivery in United Kingdom

Palm Pan Asia deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.