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Restaurant Numnum - Southwark

Southwark, 81 Scoresby St SE10XN


Home delivery of Chicken, Noodles, Curry, Wings in Southwark



Light & crisp the go to beer with Chinese food. Brewed in the Shandong province in Northern China.

Original Vitasoy

A popular soy milk drink from Hong Kong.

Vita lemon tea

A chilled lemon tea drink from Hong Kong.


Smashed Cucumber Salad (V)

Smashed cucumber, wood ear mushroom.

Purple multigrain rice

Fluffy white rice, mixed with bouncy brow rice and fragrant purple rice.

Handmade chive & egg dumplings

Handmade from scratch, using pungent Chinese chives and free range English eggs.
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Stir fry🔥

Buddha's Delight

Charred tofu, snow peas, bamboo shoots.

Twice Cooked Pork

Pork belly, leak, peppers, seasonal vegetable.

Kung Pao Chicken

Named after Ding Baozhen a Qing Dynasty governor of Sichuan. Chicken thighs with spring onion and peanuts, tossed in a sauce made with smoky black vinegar.
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Noodles & Rice Bowl

Charsiu Egg Rice

Free range eggs, folded with Char Siu Roasted Pork over rice. Smoky, silky, a Hong Kong cafe classic.

Dan Dan noodles (vg)

Sesame paste, toasted peanuts, mince. A dish that originates from Sichuan, our version is vegan.

Curry Egg Chao Mien

Stir fried noodles with free range eggs, curry spices, scallion, leeks, carrots.
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Half Rack Char Siu Ribs

With Mongolian Spices

Whole Rack Char Siu Ribs

With Mongolian Spices

Home delivery in United Kingdom

Numnum - Southwark deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.