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Restaurant Libertine Burger - Rugby

Rugby, Libertine Burger, Chapel Street CV213EB


Home delivery of Burgers, Chicken, Wings in Rugby

Libertine Beef Burger

Libertine #001 (Trademark Beef)

150g signature beef patty, American cheese, lettuce, ketchup, French’s mustard, and pickles.

Libertine #004

#001 with crispy smoky bacon.

Libertine #005

#001 with crispy smoky bacon, deep-fried pickles, and Pip’s Nagatropolis hot sauce.
+ 2

Libertine Chicken Burgers

Libertine #002 (Trademark Chicken)

Buttermilk fried chicken breast, American cheese, mayonnaise & lettuce.

Libertine #008

#002, crispy smoky bacon.

Libertine #009

#002, crispy smoky bacon, and Pip’s La Barbacoa BBQ sauce.
+ 2

Libertine Mac N Cheese Burger

Libertine #003 (Trademark Veggie) (V)

Panko fried 5-cheese mac n cheese patty, American cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce and your choice of beetroot ketchup or Pip’s Nagatropolis hot sauce.

Libertine Vegan Burgers

Libertine #111 (Trademark Vegan) (Ve)

Beyond Meat patty, ketchup, French’s mustard, lettuce & pickles.

Libertine #444 (Ve)

Beyond meat patty, ketchup, French’s mustard, lettuce & pickles.

Libertine Fries & Sides

House Fries (V)

Dusted in Cornish sea salt.

Cheese Fries (V)

Topped with American cheese sauce.

Chilli Cheese Fries

Topped with American cheese sauce, house chilli, and chimichurri.
+ 12


Vanilla Milkshake

Chocolate Milkshake

Strawberry Milkshake

+ 2



Diet Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Zero

+ 8


Heineken (5%) 330ml

What it says on the tin...

Camden Hells Lager (4.6%) 330ml

The one that started it all for Camden Town Brewery: The Hells Lager. Notes of lemon, orange, and some spicy herbs are complemented by sweet caramel and biscuity notes from the malts. Finishing crisp, dry and clean, this hybrid between a Pilsner and a Hells Lager is nicely balanced and straightforward.

Camden Town Pale Ale (4%) 330ml

Camden Town Brewery Pale Ale is a proper lesson in trans-Atlantic relations. A zingy American hop profile with juicy citrus and spicy resin notes is laid on top of an elegant English-style maltiness. Its smooth mouthfeel and restrained bitterness are a refreshing finish to this drinkable, un-shouty Pale Ale.
+ 3


NICE Sauvignon Blanc - France (11.5%) 250ml

NICE Rose - France (12.5%) 250ml

NICE Malbec - Argentina (13.5) 250ml


Extra Beef Patty

Extra Mac N Cheese Patty

Extra Chicken Breast

+ 39

Emirates FA Cup Freebies

Freebie Fries

Home delivery in United Kingdom

Libertine Burger - Rugby deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.