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Restaurant Gandhi - Winchester

Winchester, 163 High Street SO239BA


Home delivery of Curry in Winchester





Rice & Bread

Steamed White Rice

Basmati Pillau Rice

Mushroom Pillau Rice

+ 15

Vegetable Dishes

Mixed Vegetable Bhaji (Side)

Tossed seasonal vegetables stir fried with dry spices

Mixed Vegetable Bhaji (Main)

Tossed seasonal vegetables stir fried with dry spices

Mushroom Bhaji (Side)

Stir fried spiced mushrooms
+ 41


Chicken Tikka


Lamb Tikka

+ 9

Biryani and Pershee Dishes


An aromatic rice dish where long grains of basmati pilau rice are stir fried with the various accompaniments using light mixed spices including turmeric, garam massala & Indian seasoning. Served with a mixed vegetable sauce


A Persian dish prepared using lentils in a sweet & sour medium strength sauce with a touch of lemon juice & various other eastern spices. Served with pilau rice

Mixed Biryani

Lamb, Chicken & Prawn

Authentic Dishes


An exotic & fruity dish made using banana, lychee and pineapple


A mild creamy dish with ground almonds, nuts and red wine sauce


A dish prepared with tomato, ginger and onion sauce
+ 8

Signature Collection

Goan Tamari Prawns

Jumbo freshwater king prawns with coconut and tamarind sauce

Lasooni Macchi Massala

Pan fried sea bass with coconut milk and garlic flavoured vegetable sauce

Rajasthani Shai Murgh

Chicken breast stuffed with minced chicken, spinach and panir with makhani sauce
+ 17

From the Tandoor

Chicken Tikka

Lamb Tikka

Chicken Milan Shahlik

Chicken tikka grilled with onion, tomato and capsicum
+ 7

House Specials

Chicken Tikka Masala

The popular dish with special Indian tikka spices in an onion, tomato and mild cream sauce

Duck Rossa

Tender duck breast grilled in the tandoor and cooked with an earthy medium spiced sauce with hints of cinnamon

Karahi Murgh (Chicken)

Exquisite country fayre of tender chicken braised in a spicy masala of garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes with a hint of mint
+ 11

Classic Starters

Peanut Chicken Stick

Peanut Lamb Stick

Samosa (Lamb)

+ 9

Signature Starters

Mixed Special Platter

Consists of lamb chop, makhani chicken tikka, lamb tikka and onion bhaji

Zaffarani Jhinga

Grilled Jumbo King Prawns marinated with cashew nuts, mace, ginger and saffron

Grilled Adraki Lamb Cutlets

Tender lamb chop marinated with yoghurt, clove mace, crushed green chillies and coriander
+ 12

Home delivery in United Kingdom

Gandhi - Winchester deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.