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Restaurant Gail's - Cambridge

Cambridge Centre, U59, Grafton Centre CB11PS


Home delivery of Cakes in Cambridge Centre


Belu Still

330ml. Ethical British bottled still mineral water

Belu Sparkling

330ml. Ethical British bottled sparkling mineral water

Daily Dose Hot Shot

A fiery, organic, hot shot made with lemon, ginger, agave and cayenne pepper
+ 3


GAIL's House Blend (Whole Bean) 1kg

Full-bodied, balanced and sweet, with hints of muscovado sugar and a lingering nutty, walnut-like finish. A soft and pleasant acidity, often referred to as “bright”, and reminiscent of red berries.

Quicke's Whey Butter

250g. Made using whey left over from the cheese making process. We love its rich and nutty flavour. Part of our Waste Not range

Quicke's Mature Cheddar

150g. A rich, buttery, clothbound cheddar handcrafted on Quicke's Farm
+ 1

Sweet Treats

Bag of Honey Cakes

Topped with cinnamon honey icing and edible cornflower petals

Bag of Chocolate Tahini Bites

Contains flour and sesame seeds

Brownie Finger

Made with Valrhona chocolate
+ 4

Christmas Range

Christmas Bun (x1)

Our much loved Christmas Buns are back! We bake them throughout the day, so they're slightly warm. Made with frangipane, chocolate crumbs, cinnamon, candied orange zest and vanilla and Iced with orange crème fraiche, they are a burst of sweet Christmas flavours - the scent alone with fill you with seasonal joy!

Mince Pie (x1)

Frequently voted one of the best mince pies in London, our traditional mince pies are filled with fruit soaked in brandy before being added to buttery, crumbly pastry baskets and sprinkled with Demerara sugar.

Mince Pie Box (pack of 6)


Mini Avocado & Egg On A Cream Bun

Our avocado salsa is made with lemon juice, red onions, red chillies and coriander

Mini Smoked Salmon & Avocado Yoghurt On Poppyseed Sourdough Roll

Made with Goldstein sustainably sourced smoked salmon

Mini Salami On A Cream Bun

Finocchiona salami, mustard butter and sweet cornichons
+ 2


Almond Croissant

Made the traditional way with yesterday's croissants. Part of our Waste Not range

Home delivery in United Kingdom

Gail's - Cambridge deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.