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Restaurant El-Halal - Aylesbury

Aylesbury, 110 High Street HP201RB


Home delivery of Curry in Aylesbury





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Diet Coke

Tango Can

+ 1

Sundry Dishes

Plain Rice (Boiled)


Pilau Rice

Rice cooked with selected spices.

Special Fried Rice

Rice cooked in ghee with peas and spices.
+ 19

Bhaji Dishes

Alo Saag Bhaji

Aubergine Bhaji

Mixed Vegetable Bhaji

+ 15


Murg Biryani

Gosht Biryani

Tandoori Murg Tikka Biryani

+ 3

Rajori Dishes

Rajori (Murg)

Rajori (Gosht)

Rajori (Vegetable)

Piaza Dishes

Piaza (Murg)

Piaza (Gosht)

Piaza (Prawn)

+ 1

Burmi Dishes

Burmi (Murg)

Burmi (Gosht)

Burmi (Vegetable)

Mirpuri Dishes

Mirpuri (Murg)

Mirpuri (Gosht)

Mirpuri (Vegetable)

Bhuna Dishes

Bhuna (Murg)

Bhuna (Gosht)

Bhuna (Prawn)

+ 2

Plain Dishes

Plain (Murg)

Plain (Gosht)

Plain (Prawn)

+ 2

Kurma Dishes

Kurma (Murg)

Kurma (Gosht)

Kurma (Prawn)

+ 2

Tindaloo Dishes

Saag (Murg)

Saag (Gosht)

Saag (Prawn)

+ 1


Vindaloo (Murg)

Vindaloo (Gosht)

Vindaloo (Prawn)

+ 2

Madras Dishes

Madras (Murg)

Madras (Gosht)

Madras (Prawn)

+ 2

Saag Dishes

Saag (Murg)

Saag (Gosht)

Saag (Prawn)

+ 2

Daal Puri Dishes

Daal Puri (Murg)

Daal Puri (Gosht)

Daal Puri (Prawn)

+ 2

Roghan Dishes

Roghan (Murg)

Roghan (Gosht)

Roghan (Vegetable)

+ 1

Ananas Dishes

Ananas (Murg)

Ananas (Gosht)

Ananas (Prawn)

+ 2

Specialties of the House


Tender pieces of lamb or chicken cooked in a specially blended sauce of cream & sultanas.


Tender pieces of spring chicken or lamb & minced meat cooked in medium sauce with fresh oriental spices & garnished with eggs.


Small pieces of spring chicken or lamb cooked in a spicy hot sauce, fresh spices & herbs.
+ 10

Tandoori Dishes

Murg Tandoori (Half)

Two pieces of 'on the bone' spring chicken, marinated in specially selected spices, barbecued in the clay oven.

Tandoori King Prawn

King prawn marinated in special spices & barbecued in the clay oven.

Mixed Grill Tandoori

Pieces of lamb, king prawn, chicken & seekh kebab, all marinated in special herbs & spices & cooked in the clay oven.
+ 3


Gosht Tikka

Murg Tikka

Murg Tandoori

+ 9

Home delivery in United Kingdom

El-Halal - Aylesbury deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.