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Restaurant Bsweet - Nottingham City Centre

Nottingham City Centre, 5 Wheeler Gate NG12NA


Home delivery of Dessert, Milkshakes, Pancakes, Sandwiches in Nottingham City Centre


Whipped Cream

Vanilla Syrup


+ 93

Hot Drinks


Flat White


+ 12

French Toast

Option 1 - Fresh berries, raspberries, strawberries, banana, syrup and clotted cream

Option 2 - Strawberries topped with clotted cream and jam

Option 3 - Vanilla gelato and Nutella

+ 4


Option 1 - Tomato, cheddar cheese, fresh basil and pesto

Option 2 - Tuna, mayo and cucumber

Option 3 - Pesto, sun-dried tomato and cheese


Carrot Cake

Velvet Cake

Chocolate Fudge Cake

+ 4


Apple Honey & Cinnamon

Coconut & Turmeric

Macha & Vanilla

+ 4


Strawberry Rose

American waffle, whipped cream, strawberries and choice of sauce.

Beauty of the Forest

American waffle, fresh forest fruits, whipped sauce and biscuit crumbs served with cream.


American waffle with banana, caramel dripped sauce and biscuit crumbs served with cream.
+ 7

Cookie Dough


Choc chip cookie with vegan Nuttela spread, strawberries & gelato


Brownie cookie dough with vegan Nuttela bananas & vegan gelato


Waffle & cream cookie dough served with M&M, gelato & drizzled with Nuttela
+ 8


Molten Chocolate Truffle

Deeply chocolate, truffle, severed wickedly warm.

Classic Luxury Sticky Date and Walnut

Served with custard.

Bramley Apple Crumble

Served with custard.
+ 2


Guilty Nutella

Layers of pancakes served with bananas, strawberries, coconut flakes drizzled with warm Nutella, homemade clotted cream and maple syrup.

Robin Hood

Layers of pancakes served with seasonal fruits, homemade clotted cream and maple syrup.

Deep Blue

Layers of pancakes topped with Greek yoghurt, swirled with blueberry jam and sprinkled with toasted almonds.
+ 8

Breakfast Brunch

American Dream

Pancake served with two fried eggs, turkey sausage, hash brown and baked beans & maple syrup.

American VEGAN

Pancakes served with falafel, hash brown baked beans & avocado.

Royal Egg pancake

Layers of pancakes topped with spinach, smoked salmon poached eggs and drizzled with hollondaise sauce.
+ 5

Hot Dogs

Avo Dog

Avocado, tomato, sausage

Vegi Doggy

Tomato pickled pepper, fresh onion, gherkin and sausage.

Red Dog

Red cabbage, pickles, cheese and sausage.
+ 3

Vegan Waffle Dessert

Naughty Nutella

Vegan Nutella chopped bananas and strawberries.

The Classic

Vegan Nutella and strawberries.

Go Bananas

Toffee dripped sauce with bananas and cream.
+ 2

Cold Drinks

Spanish Bombon Latte (Cold)

Pepsi (Bottle)

Pepsi Max (Bottle)

+ 7

Home delivery in United Kingdom

Bsweet - Nottingham City Centre deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.