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Restaurant BirdBox - Swindon

Upper Stratton, FRANKIE \u0026 BENNY'S, Greenbridge Retail Park, Drakesway SN33SQ


Home delivery of Fried Chicken, Chicken in Upper Stratton


5 Mini Dipping Doughnuts - Chocolate (V)

Aioli (V)

Aioli (V)

+ 578


Mini Dipping Doughnuts (v)

5, 10 or 15 hot, delicious mini doughnuts with your choice of chocolate, saucy strawberry or salted caramel dipping sauce

New York Cheesecake (v)

Baked cheesecake with a choice of saucy strawberries or salted caramel dipping sauce

Choc Fudge Cake (v)

Sticky Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate sauce dipping sauce


Aioli (V)

Franks Red Hot Wings Buffalo Sauce (vg)

Can you handle the heat?

Bullseye Tennessee Sweet Whisky BBQ sauce (v)

Super Smokey
+ 4


Naked Fries (VG)

Thin cut for added crunch

Cajun Fries (vg)

Coated in Cajun spice for extra kick

Sweet Potato Fries (vg)

Salty outer, with a sweet middle
+ 6

Loaded Chicken Boxes

The Italian Job Lot

Piles of pepperoni, Neapolitan sauce and mozzarella cheese

The All American Classic

Brimming with Bacon, fried onions, Monterey jack cheese and smothered in sticky BBQ sauce

The Mac n Cheese Melt

Mega mac n cheese with meltin' mozzarella on top
+ 1


Hot n Kickin' Popcorn Chicken

10 fired up popcorn chicken bites + your fave dipping sauce

Meltin' Mozzarella Sticks (V)

5 mouth-meltin' mozzarella sticks + your fave dipping sauce

Proppa Crispy Chicken Wings

5, 10 or 15 Crispy-coated Southern fried chicken wings + your fave dipping sauce
+ 4


Brooklyn Lager

355ml Bottle 5.2%

Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime

500ml Bottle 4.0%


330ml Bottle 4.5%

Soft Drinks

Cloudy Lemonade

500ml Bottle

Strawberry Lemonade

500ml Bottle

Coca Cola

330ml Can
+ 9


The Classic Clucker

Crunchy breaded or grilled chicken burger topped with burger sauce & crispy lettuce

The Cluckless Vegan Tower (vg)

Vegan chicken schnitzel with hash browns, vegan cheese, beef tomato, red onion, crispy lettuce & vegan mayo

The Tennessee Tower

Sweet and succulent Tennessee chicken tower with Monterey Jack cheese, streaky bacon, crispy hash brown, onion rings gherkins, lettuce, tomato, burger sauce and our whisky Tennessee BBQ sauce
+ 1

Bird Boxes

The Bangin' Burger Bird Box

A Bangin' Burger (breaded or grilled) + naked fries and soft drink

The Fully Loaded Bird Box

Crunchy breaded or grilled chicken fully loaded with layers of lushness + naked fries and soft drink

The Big Strip Bird Box

Crispy coated Southern fried chicken strips with your fave dipping sauce + naked fries and soft drink
+ 3

Home delivery in United Kingdom

BirdBox - Swindon deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.