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Restaurant Adie's Self Service - Old Aberdeen

Aberdeen City Centre, 36-40 Market street, Aberdeen AB115PL


Home delivery of Alcohol in Aberdeen City Centre


Milka Raspberry Cream 100g

Milka Alpine Milk 100g

Milka Oreo 100g

+ 19

Sweet Pouches

Bebeto Blueberry Laces

Bebeto Fruit Twists

Bebeto Strawberry Laces

+ 30

Ice Creams

Carte D'or Vanilla 900ml

Carte D'or Strawberry 900ml

Daim Tub 480ml

+ 17

Fizzy Drinks 1.5Ltr to 2Ltr

Coca Cola Regular 1.5Ltr

Coke Diet 1.75 Ltr

Coke Zero 1.75 Ltr

+ 12

Multi Packs

Coca Cola Regular 330ml 8 Pack

Coke Diet 330ml 10 Pack

Coke Zero 330ml 10 Pack

+ 10

Energy Drinks

Red Bull 250ml

Relentless Original 500ml

Relentless Cherry 500ml

+ 14

Breakfast Cereals

Honey Monster Wheat Puff

Kellogg's Krave

Kelloggs Variety Pack

+ 7


Mcvities White Chip Cookie

Mcvities Hobnob

Mcvities Ginger Nuts

+ 17


Batchelors Super Ndl Curry 100g

Batchelors Super Ndl Chicken 100g

Batchelors Super Ndl Bbq 100g

+ 16


Colmans Eng Mustard 100g

Branston Original Sweet Pickle 360g

Amoy Dark Soy Sauce 250ml

+ 9

Pasta and Rice

Pasta N Sauce Macaroni Cheese 122g

Pasta N Sauce Leek Ham 122g

Pasta N Sauce Cheese Broccoli 122g

+ 14

Spread and Jams

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Spread 400g

Nutella 300g

Nutella 400g

+ 11


Primula Tubes Chives 150g

Primula Tubes Cheese 150g

Primula Tubes Cheese Ham 150g

+ 6

Breads and Rolls

Kingsmill Soft White

Kingsmill 50/50

Baker St Soft White Roll 6pk

+ 20


Semi Skimmed 500ml

Semi Skimmed 1Ltr

Semi Skimmed 2Ltr

+ 3

Ham and Bacon

Unsmoked Bacon 200g

Smoked Bacon 200g

Italian Prosciutto 60g

+ 10

Other Ice Creams

Snickers 4 Pack

Mars 4 Pack

Magnum Almond 4 Pack

+ 10

Rolling Accessories

Clipper Lighter Gas

Clipper Lighter

Raw Classic Paper With Tips

+ 27


Amber Leaf 50g

Amber Leaf 30g

Amber Leaf 3in1 30g

+ 22


Sugar 500g

Chupa Chups Lollipop Straw

Chupa Chups Lollipop Watermelon

+ 5


Cheetos Cheese 80g

Cheetos Ketchup 80g

Cheetos Cheese Spirals 80g

+ 39

Fish Cans 330ml

Fanta Orange 330ml

Fanta Fruit Twist 330ml

Fanta Ice Lemon 330ml

+ 11

Fizzy/Soft Drinks 500ml

Fanta Orange 500ml

Fanta Fruit Twist 500ml

Sprite 500ml

+ 13

Yoghurt and Desserts

Onken Yogurt Natural 500g

Onken Wholegrain Strawberry 500g

Onken Vanilla 500g

+ 9

Ready Meals-Chilled

Dfe Chicken Bites 200g

Dfe Cocktail F/furter 200g

Dfe Frankfruiters 200g

+ 6

Chilled Juices

Tropicana Orange Smooth 850ml

Tropicana Orange Original 850ml

Naked Red Machine 450ml

+ 3

Chilled Burgers

Rustlers Cheese Burger 141g

Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Burger 145g

Rustlers Chicken Sandwich 150g

+ 4


Yazoo Milk Banana 400ml

Yazoo Milk Chocolate 400ml

Yazoo Milk Strawberry 400ml

+ 12

Frozen Pizza's

Chicago Town Takeaway Pepperoni

Chicago Town Takeaway Cheese Pizza

Chicago Town Deep Pan Cheese

+ 7

Frozen Potato Chips

Aunt Bessie Home Chips 700g

Mccains Hash Browns 575g

Birds Eye Potato Waffles 567g

+ 5

Frozen Fried Chicken

Southern Fried Chicken Crispy Mini Fillet 400g

Southern Fried Chicken Hot N Spicy Wings 500g

Southern Fried Chicken Poppets 190g

+ 1


Marlboro Gold KS

Marlboro Red KS

Marlboro Touch KS

+ 36

Home delivery in United Kingdom

Adie's Self Service - Old Aberdeen deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.